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What is GlamourLash Academy?

The New Online Lash Training That Helps You Build a Successful Beauty Business...
STOP struggling to create, manage, and figure out what exactly to do for your business. Get this Ultimate Eyelash Extension Training Technique & Templates and discover my secrets to effortlessly create your next Successful Career.

Who is GlamourLash Academy For?

This is the #1 question most people ask so here you go, this is a list of people this will work for:
* Cosmetologists
* Aesthetician
* Independent Lash Artist
* Unhappy with your JOB
When You Join Glamourlash Academy, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1: Beginner Lash Extension

* Introduction to Eyelash Extension
* Anatomy of the Eye & Lashes
* Ergonomics: How to create a comfortable working Environment
* Individual Lash Placement
* Individual Lash Extensions
* Individual Lash Positions
* Individual Lash Mapping & Styles* Prepping Your Client
* Gel Eye-pad Application
* Individual Lash Priming
* Lash Extension Procedures Review & Application
* How To Separate Glued Stuck Lashes
* What To Do Before Releasing a Client
* Lash Removal
* 10 Questions Knowledge Quiz
* Certification and Requirements

Module 2: Advance Lash Extension 

* Introduction to Hybrid & Volume & Russian Volume
* All About Hybrid
* All About Volume
* All About Russian Volume
* Premade vs Custom Made Fans
* Mapping and Application of the Fans
* Certification and Requirements

Module 3: Advance Lash Lift Course 

* Ultimate Guide to lash lift like a Pro
* Lash Lift benefits
* Lash Lift Application 
* Adhesive Removal
* Clients After Care

Here's a summary of everything you get...

The Most Comprehensive Lash Extension Training

Module 1: Beginner Lash Extension Introduction and Application... ($497 Value)
Module 2: Advance Lash Extension Hybrid & Volume ($597 Value)
Module 3: Advance Lash Lifts ($597 Value)

Access to the Glamour Courses Masterclass Group 

So you can get instant feedback on your work from our Master Instructors and get help from previous students that are experienced. 
We also offer an Exclusive 15% Discount at our online store.
($500 Value)

Eyelash Extension 
Pro-Kit ($350 Value)

Model Release Form
Disposable adhesive cups
Lash Cleanser
Medical Tape
A set of 3 Tweezers
Gel eye pads
Sport lash adhesive
Acrylic Lash Block
Synthetic Silk lash cases x 3
Premade Volume Lashes x 3

Russian Volume Lashes Course

Compared to classic lash extensions, where you could only SAFELY attach one eyelash extension to each natural lash, Russian Volume Lashes (also known as 2D – 8D lashes) breaks through that limitation by having anywhere from 2 to 8 super fine extensions applied to a single natural eyelash, SAFELY.($250 Value)

Lash Lift Intro & Application Course

Lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. Unlike a lash extension, a lash lift simply alters the shape and color of your natural lashes
($250 Value)
But WAIT! That's Not All...

BONUS #1: Marketing System Blueprint

Learn from and with our business coach how to put your plan on paper and work your projections.
Track your progress as you grow the business
($1,000 Value)

BONUS #2: Business Planning Structure

So you can understand the Fundamental of growing a profitable lash business 
($1,000 Value)

Here's Everything You're Gonna Get:

  • Module 1 Teach you to be an expert at the foundation.($497 Value)
  • ​​Module 2 Teach you the fundamental of Volume Artist.($597 Value)
  • ​​Module 3 Teach you to be a Pro lash lift artist.
  • Professional Lash Kit. ($350 Value)
  • Feature: Russian Volume course! (Included in Module 2)
  • Feature: Lash Lift Course! (Included in Module 3)
  • Facebook Group so you can Learn in a strong Community. ($500 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #1: Marketing System Blueprint($1,000 Value) 
  • ​​BONUS #2: Business Planning Structure ($1,000 Value)
Today Only $3,944
$997 One Time (Save $2,947)
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Check Out Our Student Testimonials...
My favorite thing about Glamourlash Academy was definitely just the structure that they offered and how thorough Tayna is with her training
The class was very helpful, I learned a lot. It gives me confident.
I wanted to expand my career and learn more about beauty. The class was very good, I learned a lot. 
I'm currently in Cosmetology school and I wanted to learn Lashes. The class was amazing. Tayna is a great teacher, The training was very thorough.
Check Out Our Successful Students Who Made It 🎉
Janet Tundstall with Glamour Academy
MariaRosa with Glamour Academy
Mother of Special Needs Children As A Lash Artist
Lash Artists Career in Pandemic 
Today Only $3,944
$997 One Time (Save $2,947) 
100% SECURE Processing
Today Only $3,944
$997 One Time (Save $3,447)
100% SECURE Processing
Frequently Asked Questions
-Is there an expiration date for the technical support?
 There is no expiration date. You will get technical support for life.
-Am I too young or too old for this career?
 As long as you are old enough to learn and young enough to have good vision, this course is for you!
Do I have lifetime access to the course? What about updates?
 As long as you’re still practicing lash extensions, you will have access to the full episodes of this entire course. Updates from products to new methods will be announced on the weekly Live videos.
- When will the class start?
 As soon as you check out, you get access to your training immediately.
- Do I need a cosmetology or an aesthetic license to do lash extensions in a salon establishment?
 Yes you do in most wester regions, although some states don’t require it.
- Do you train to become a lash Instructor?
 -Yes we do.
- What makes your course better than others?
 -We’re experienced, passionate, dedicated and willing to work with you until you’re successful. Plus, we go above and beyond to make these courses in
- How are your products compared to others?
 - We use the highest quality glue in the industry (Non latex, No Formaldehyde and it dries faster than any other glue on the market) and we have the best quality lashes, of course.
- Besides a lifetime technical support system, will students get other incentives?
 - All students get a 15% discount on all products and courses in the future.
- What other program(s) does your Academy offer?
 - Microblading/shading, ombre, eyeliner, Aquarelle Lips, Advanced Skincare, Hair Extensions and color.

Today Only $3,944
$997 One Time (Save $3,447) 
100% SECURE Processing
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